She Stoops to Conquer

One night after her show she goes into a nightclub, wearing the mask of the character she made up. And the doppelganger of the older man with an unmistakable profile stands right in front of her…

  • Canada
  • 2015, 16 min
  • Director: Zack Russell
  • Director of photography: Henry Sansom
  • Editor: Marianna Khoury
  • Screenplay: Russell Zack, Lorette Kayla
  • Music: Tim Sayle
  • Cast: Kayla Lorette, Julian Richings
  • Art Director: Hanna Puley
  • Producer: Andrew Ferguson, Matt King
  • Production: KACK Productions/LaRue Entertainment

20.1. 18:30 Praha | Světozor - Small Hall
22.1. 19:00 Praha | Světozor - Grand Hall

Zack Russell

Zack Russell

Zachary Russell is a Canadian artist, theatre director and director of live-stream project rhinnaboi95. She Stoops to Conquer is his first film.