Pitch Black Heist

Liam (Liam Cunningham) and Michael (Michael Fassbender) are professional safe crackers who meet on a simple job to relieve an office safe from its contents. The catch is a light activated alarm systém impelling the men to embark on a pitch black heist. Pitch Black Heist won the 2012 BAFTA Award for Best Short Film.

  • United Kingdom
  • 2012, 13 min
  • Director: John Maclean

18.1. 20:30 Svetozor - Small Hall
21.1. 15:30 Svetozor - Small Hall
22.1. 21:00 Svetozor - Grand Hall

John Maclean

John MacIean is the founding member of The Beta Band (1997 – 2004) and The Aliens (2005 – 2010). He studied painting at the Royal College of Art and so was a major influence on the visual image of both the bands, as well as the author of most of their music videos. At the moment he focuses only on cinema. His first short film, Man On a Motorcycle (2009) starred Michael Fassbender and influenced the development of his main character significantly. The two worked together on Pitch Black Heist. In 2015, John made his feature debut Slow West which premiered at Sundance.