13th Prague Short Film Festival

Prague Short Films Festival is organized by Film Servis Karlovy Vary, organizer of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

For the thirteenth time now you have the opportunity to enjoy the best and most interesting short films from all over the world. Besides the twenty films selected for the international competition and additional five comprising the shortlist for the new national competition of Czech short films, you can look forward to all your favourite traditional sections as well as various unique thematic screening blocks.

Labo will present films which instead of focusing on storytelling provide an overall complex film experience, and should you plan to attend the Brutal Relax Show, get ready for a merciless midnight screening block once again moderated by the Czech actress Simona Babčáková. Those of you who would like to learn a little bit about the hearts and minds of men should not miss the screening block entitled Man – User’s Manual, while the Worlds of Tomorrow section was compiled keeping in mind all fans of science fiction. Life on Mars is dedicated to the top award-winning contemporary angry films. The #followme section will primarily please the users of social media and consumers of digital forms of relaxation. Stink Films is an homage to one of the most creative and award-winning production companies of our time which managed to transform commercials into original short films and carries talents such as Ivan Zachariáš. Children from 5 to 9 can attend their own animated short film section Pragueshorts for Kids. Finally, this year’s festival will also include a brand new VR Zone where visitors will have a chance to put on VR helmets and find out what novel audio-visual experiences of virtual reality has to offer at the moment.