Bad Guy #2

Getting a promotion deserves to be celebrated, right? Well, not so much if your field is criminal underworld and services. And especially not if you have just been promoted to Bad Guy #2, the one that is always massacred by the big boss to get the others to work. 

  • USA
  • 2014, 10 min
  • Director: Chris McInroy
  • Director of photography: E. J. Enriquez
  • Editor: Chris McInroy
  • Screenplay: Chris McInroy
  • Music: Andrew Hoke
  • Cast: Kirk Johnson
  • Contacts: Chris McInroy

23.1. 21:00 Svetozor - Grand Hall
24.1. 20:30 Svetozor - Small Hall

Chris McInroy

Chris McInroy

Chris McInroy is a writer and director. He graduated from University of Texas, Austin and is currently mostly making advertising videos. He is scared of ghosts, likes metal music and his favorite monster is the werewolf – a creature that will feature in his next film.