In Extremis

It should have been a super easy job. Just guard those museum cellars, sit at a table, read newspaper and occasionally have a sip from the faithful flask to keep the young staffer warm. However, what seemed to be a dull task swiftly turns into horror when strange sounds start coming out of weird cells with no entrances. In Extremis is a horrifying homage to classic British horror movies from the 1960s and 70s.

  • United Kingdom
  • 2014, 14 min
  • Director: Gregory Crosbie
  • Director of photography: Philip Robertson
  • Editor: Iain Millar
  • Screenplay: Gregory Crosbie
  • Music: Alfredo Caponnetto
  • Cast: Sean Biggerstaff, Struan Rodger, John Bowler, Aaron Jeffrey, Mairead Whyte

23.1. 21:00 Svetozor - Grand Hall
24.1. 20:30 Svetozor - Small Hall

Gregory Crosbie

Gregory Crosbie

Gregory Crosbie (Great Britain) is a director and writer. He made three short films – Chain, Blindside and his newest, In Extremis.