Jiří Mádl in Shorts

Jiří Mádl, one of the most frequently cast Czech actors today, is also a talented screenwriter and director whose third feature film hits cinemas this year. But before that happens, we offer you the chance to see the lesser-known Mádl in four short films. In Vojtěch Kotek’s 2009 graduate film Ctrl Emotion, Jiří was joined by Tereza Ramba as they portrayed two people who spend the night together. During the lockdown in 2020, Jiří directed the short love story Brush Me Tender, Brush Me Sweet about the complicated romantic relationship between two toothbrushes. In 2022, Jiří appeared in Karel Šindelář’s visually captivating drama Wood for the Next Winter about a pair of siblings facing an inevitable and painful fact of life. And finally, there is Petr Januschka’s Island of Freedom, which tells of love in an unfree time. The film won the 2022 Czech Film Critics’ Award for Best Short Film and also captured many viewers’ hearts, primarily thanks to its two stars – Jiří Mádl and Judit Pecháček.