Brutal Relax Show

This year’s brutally relaxing onslaught of films promises to be a great success. Get ready for a wild ride with plenty of ups and downs and sudden, sharp turns. When you think of a Pomeranian, what usually comes to mind is soft and cute, but beware: even such a velvety soft creature can have a sadistic personality disorder. And for something truly bizarre, there’s yet another dog, this one a levitating telepath that gives a young girl hope for freedom in the form of a talking catfish named Kiefer. This is followed by the aforementioned sharp turn, as we visit a house haunted by a group of horny ghosts. We’ll stick around the home environment a little longer as we accompany a social worker as she goes to see two solitary children who live with a BIG HOLE. Heading into the home stretch, there’s that popular B-movie trope of working the night shift at a gas station in the middle of a forest, this one haunted by creatures capable of controlling people’s thoughts. And we end the evening with a colorful audiovisual catalogue of the dramatic deaths of iconic bad guy Udo Kier.

Let our expert guide Jan Špaček take you on a tour of your fears.