Eighth Day

Teenagers Anna and Josef grew up in a strict religious sect. When the whole group gathers by a forest lake to perform a baptism on its youngest member, the two of them decide to run away. They disappear into the woods, but soon discover that they are completely unprepared for life outside their community.

  • Czech Republic
  • 2023, 20 min
  • Director: Petr Pylypčuk
  • Director of photography: Helena Fikerová
  • Editor: Timotej Rajniš
  • Screenplay: Petr Pylypčuk
  • Sound: Klára Ondračková
  • Cast: Caroline Barnard, Jan Pokorný, Jan Teplý ml., Kristýna Bandinková, Pavla Janiššová
  • Art Director: Matěj Sýkora
  • Coproduction: FAMU
  • Producer: Kryštof Burda, Tomáš Pertold
  • Production: Perfilm

29.2. 17:45 Praha | Světozor Velký sál
2.3. 17:30 Praha | Kino Pilotů

Petr Pylypčuk

Director and screenwriter Petr Pylypčuk is a graduate of the Directing Department at FAMU. After graduating from high school in northern Bohemia in 2016, he spent two years living in London. The author of several short films and commercials, in his work he is mainly interested in the lives of characters who exist outside normality.