Sea Salt

On this hot summer day, 17-year-old Nayla is faced with the same dilemma every Lebanese youngster is faced with today – to leave or to stay. Two men in her life have set ideas about it, but both might wake up to a surprise.

  • Czech Republic, Lebanon, Qatar
  • 2023, 19 min
  • Director: Leila Basma
  • Director of photography: Zaher Jureidini
  • Editor: Leila Basma
  • Screenplay: Leila Basma
  • Music: Aid Kid
  • Sound: Dominyka Adomaityte
  • Cast: Nathalie Issa, Farid Shawki, Georges Matar, Hiba Chihane, Rabih Abdo
  • Art Director: Assad Khouery
  • Coproduction: FAMU, Road2Films, Stairway Films
  • Producer: Natália Pavlove
  • Production: other stories

29.2. 20:30 Praha | Světozor Velký sál
2.3. 20:30 Praha | Kino Atlas

Leila Basma

Leila Basma is a Lebanese filmmaker and photographer currently based between Beirut and Prague while finishing her MFA in film directing at FAMU. Her second-year short documentary, The Adam Basma Project ​(2020), was short-listed for the 48th annual Student Academy Awards (the Student Oscars) after touring various international documentary film festivals.