2 Lizards Series

2 Lizards is an animated series about getting through the first wave of the Covid pandemic in New York. 

  • USA
  • 2020, 25 min
  • Director: Meriem Bennani, Orian Barki
  • Director of photography: Orian Barki, Meriem Bennani
  • Editor: Orian Barki, Meriem Bennani
  • Screenplay: Orian Barki, Meriem Bennani
  • Music: Flavian Berger, Coqueta, Siisii and Lars, Asma
  • Cast: Orian Barki, Meriem Bennani
  • Producer: Orian Barki, Meriem Bennani
  • Production: 2 Lizards production

Meriem Bennani, Orian Barki

Meriem Bennani, Orian Barki

Orian Barki was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She shoots and edits most of her raw and character-driven documentaries herself. She is particularly interested in telling coming-of-age stories in a personal and energetic vérité style.

Meriem Bennani was born in Rabat, Morocco, and lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She has been developing a shape-shifting practice of films, sculptures, and immersive installations, composed with a subtle agility to question contemporary society and its fractured identities, gender issues, and ubiquitous dominance of digital technologies while amplifying reality through a strategy of magical realism and humor.

Orian and Meriem’s animated series, 2 Lizards, premiered to critical acclaim on Instagram in the spring of 2020. The full series entered MoMA’s permanent collection in November 2020.