A fox wants to become a city mascot and studies at the mascot training academy. He lives in a tiny house, juggles a number of part-time jobs, and has to take out a loan to finance plastic surgery.

  • South Korea
  • 2019, 6 min
  • Director: KIM Leeha
  • Editor: KIM Leeha
  • Screenplay: KIM Leeha
  • Music: SHIN Seungmin
  • Producer: KWAK Kihyuk
  • Production: Studio LEEHA

KIM Leeha

KIM Leeha

Kim Leeha was born in Daegu, South Korea. In 2017, he graduated from Hansung University’s Visual Image Design Department and from the Department of Animation at the Korea National University of Arts. He is currently producing short animation at Studio Leeha. Mascot (2019) is his first short film.