Sometimes a friendship can crack under the most banal strain. Two burly men deal with such a loss in their own way – with a lot of strangely tender violence. Guided by a mysterious mentor, they finally reunite for one last round.

  • Czech Republic
  • 2020, 6 min
  • Director: Jaroslav Moravec
  • Director of photography: Tomáš Kotas
  • Editor: Jaroslav Moravec
  • Screenplay: Jaroslav Moravec, Tomáš Kotas
  • Music: Jan Šléška
  • Cast: Ladislav Lahoda, Roman Kracík, Miroslav Navrátil
  • Art Director: Matilda Tlolková
  • Producer: Kryštof Zelenka, Veronika Jelšíková

Jaroslav Moravec

Jaroslav Moravec

Growing up in suburbs of Prague, Jaroslav Moravec has always been fascinated by fringes dividing the real and the abstract, giving his work a distinctive look. Whether it’s through his subversive sense of humour or his tact for building delicate atmospheres, he always seeks to build a self-contained universe, a kaleidoscope from another world.