In bed at night, a girl wants to tell her boyfriend that she loves him, but she wants him to say it first.

  • Sweden
  • 2020, 8 min
  • Director: Jo Widerberg
  • Director of photography: Zoe Que
  • Editor: Neil Wigart, Jo Widerberg
  • Screenplay: Jo Widerberg
  • Cast: Astrid Plynning, Jonas Bergdahl
  • Producer: Frida Mårtensson, Jerry Carlsson
  • Production: Verket Produktion AB

Jo Widerberg

Jo Widerberg

Jo Widerberg is a Swedish writer and director. She has a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking from Valand Academy (2016). During her studies, she directed several award-winning short films such as For Your Girlfriend (2015) and I’ll Try Again (2016). In 2020, she graduated from the esteemed Alma Löv Script Academy, and at the moment she is developing her first feature.