In the Hands of Puppets

A hand puppet talks with several artificial identities about their feelings and social relationships. An animated conversation, both literally and figuratively, based on interviews with patients and care providers at a psychosocial hospital.

  • Belgium
  • 2020, 10 min
  • Director: Sarah & Charles
  • Director of photography: Hans Bruch Jr.
  • Editor: Benjamin Deboosere
  • Screenplay: Sarah & Charles, Benjamin Deboosere
  • Art Director: Thomas De Brabanter (Animation)
  • Producer: Benjamin Deboosere
  • Production: Untitled Production

15.6. 19:00 Praha | Edison
24.6. 19:00 Praha | Kino Pilotů
26.6. 20:30 Hradec Králové | Bio Central

Sarah & Charles

Sarah & Charles

Collaborating since 2004, Belgian artists Sarah & Charles draw inspiration from the world of entertainment and, more specifically, its invisible structures. Their research and practice playfully and thoughtfully explores subjects and genres such as make-believe, simulacra, stories within stories, cinematic experience, the suspension of disbelief, and music. In their architectural interventions and stage designs, Sarah & Charles combine video, photography, sculpture, and installation techniques. Their short films have played at various international film festivals, including Rotterdam, Film Fest Gent, and Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, among others.