Potted Palm Trees

The wedding party couldn’t get any merrier. The alcohol flows freely, the tables heave under the weight of all the food, and no-one can shout above the music. But this posh bash leaves Betti cold. She’s seventeen, hearing-impaired and pregnant, and the father of her child has just married someone else. A film about sorrow dusted with glitter and about the duplicity a tuxedo can hide. 

  • Austria
  • 2020, 20 min
  • Director: Rosa Friedrich
  • Director of photography: Albert Car
  • Editor: Svenja Plaas
  • Screenplay: Rosa Friedrich
  • Music: various artists
  • Cast: Maresi Riegner, Henny Reents, Lars Rudolph
  • Art Director: Jan Klammer, Valentin Hämmerle
  • Producer: Dominic Spitaler
  • Production: Film Academy Vienna

7.6. 18:00 Praha | Bio Oko
14.6. 19:00 Praha | Kino Pilotů

Rosa Friedrich

Rosa Friedrich

Born in East Berlin, Rosa Friedrich studied directing at the Film Academy Vienna with Michael Haneke, focusing on a slightly more playful and exotic approach to cinematic language and filmmaking. She also studied philosophy, psychology, and film studies. As an independent filmmaker, she made the feature film Buschow in 2014 and plans to complete her new feature film, Wander, in 2021. Her work with various dance and theater groups fruitfully complements her work as director and screenwriter.