Brainz Music House

Every music fan dreams of it, but few are lucky enough to experience it. Getting to the core of music, to the place where it is made. To see the musicians in the studio. To hear the band from within. Live.

VR technology gives music an entirely new dimension: Stereoscopic 360° images and ambisonic sound immerse you within the experience. Your band plays only for you.

Assuming you like the music of TATABOJS, KAFKA BAND, or I LOVE YOU HONEY BUNNY. 

These three bands will be appearing in the Brainz Music House pilot project, which hopes to record unique concerts in series of three. The producer of this first instalment was Dušan Neuwerth, who will pass on a selection of three other bands to a colleague from the music business. This “relay race” will ensure a diversity of musical choices while also giving the future immersive concerts an internal logic. On the technical side, Brainz Immerzive has established a special production team with Vojta Dvořák in charge of camera and Martin Hůla in charge of audio.

  • Czech Republic
  • 2019
  • Director: Petr Hanousek
  • Director of photography: Vojta Dvořák
  • Producer: Dušan Neuwerth

23.1. 14:30 National library of technology
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Petr Hanousek

Petr Hanousek

Director Petr Hanousek plays no musical instrument professionally, but in his life he has worked as a stoker, stagehand, journalist, reporter, gardener, baker, copywriter... And along the way, he has adopted a philosophy that can be summarized as “only music has meaning.”