The Kite

In the house on the hill there lives a boy with his grandfather, who is as skinny as a piece of paper. It is autumn and the wind is making the old man’s life increasingly unbearable: It snaps his only flower and knocks the ripe apples from the tree that he was planning to harvest, and even the paper door by the house sometimes flaps in the wind like a flag and he has to hold it shut. But the young boy is enjoying the wind and years to fly high up in the clouds. The old man fulfills his dream and gives him a paper kite that will carry him into the sky and will be there even after his grandfather is gone.

  • Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland
  • 2019, 13 min
  • Director: Martin Smatana
  • Director of photography: Ondřej Nedvěd
  • Editor: Lucie Hecht
  • Screenplay: Martin Smatana
  • Music: Aliaksandr Yasinski 
  • Coproduction: BFILM, CeTA
  • Producer: Peter Badač
  • Production:

24.1. 20:00 Praha | Kino Pilotů

Martin Smatana

Martin Smatana hails from Slovakia and graduated from the Department of Animation at FAMU, Prague. During his bachelor studies he completed an internship at the Nukufilm studio in Tallinn, Estonia. He also spent five years leading animation workshops for children. His debut film, Rosso Papavero, had its premiere at the 2015 Berlinale’s Generation Kplus and has won 13 international awards. In November 2018, he completed his graduate film, the children’s stop-motion film The Kite, which already won first prize at the 2017 Animarkt Pitching Forum in Lodz, Poland.

2015 – Rosso Papavero
2019 – The Kite