Forget Me Not

The onset of communism changed many people's lives. Children without homes were no longer raised in foster care, but in institutions. Through an interview with a man who grew up in such an institution and a woman who is trying to address the issue from the outside, this documentary shows how, even after thirty years of freedom, the Czech Republic still desperately needs a revolution in this area.

  • Czech Republic
  • 2019, 7 min
  • Director: Adéla Križovenská
  • Screenplay: Adéla Křižovenská
  • Art Director: Adéla Křižovenská
  • Producer: Ondřej Šejnoha

24.1. 20:00 Praha | Kino Pilotů

Adéla Križovenská

Adela Križovenská comes from Slovakia and is currently a student at FAMU in Prague. She began her filmmaking career with her animation partner Nina Ovsová by winning first place in the 2019 Nespresso Talents competition for the Czech Republic.