How we look is often not just our personal choice. What we should look like plays a role as well. Society likes to know who is a woman and who is a man. The ideal woman is thin and shaven, while men do not depilate their legs.

  • Czech Republic
  • 2019, 19 min
  • Director: Josefina Lubojacki
  • Director of photography: Tomáš Kotas
  • Editor: Simona Donovalová
  • Screenplay: Josefina Lubojacki
  • Music: Midi Lidi
  • Producer: Ondřej Šejnoha, Adam Ligas

24.1. 20:00 Praha | Kino Pilotů

Josefina Lubojacki

Josefina Lubojacki studied screenwriting and dramaturgy at FAMU, and is currently studying documentary film. In her work, she explores topics that resonate with her life or that she feels require our attention – recently, this has included gender in/equality and the beauty construct.