Information for visitors

Ticket price 100,- CZK

Ticket sales

Tickets for festival screenings will be available through the festival cinemas prior to the festival itself.

Films screened at the Festival have English and Czech subtitles.

Festival cinemas

Kino Světozor - Grand Hall
Kino Světozor - Small Hall
Vodičkova 41, Praha 1

Kino Pilotů
Donská 168/19, Praha 10

Bio Oko
Františka Křižíka 460/15, Praha
Opening screening at the Bio Oko - full price 120,-

VR Cinema
Národní technická knihovna
Technická 2710/6, 160 80 Praha 6
All VR experiences are free and in English. You can book your experience in VR Cinema or call +420 771 137 100.

Pragueshorts for Kids:
Kino Aero
Biskupcova 1733/31, Praha 3

Festival cinemas

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Audience award

Choose the best short film of the 15th Prague Short Film Festival!

You will be given a voting ticket at the entrance of the cinema. After each block of short films, select the three best and write their names in your order of preference. After the show, deposit your ballot in one of the boxes at Svetozor cinema.

The Audience Award will be presented at the official closing ceremony on January 26.